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Women's Fashions


Women's Fashions 1960-1979

Hippy Chick
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The style of the 1960s and 1970s was purely rebellion and a new culture. The music influenced a lot of the styles as well. This was an era of a huge culture boom among young kids and musical styles took a great dive into new styles. Woman had all kinds of new hair dos, much sexier and risquey clothing and thought differently. The idea of free expression in art and music really changed how people acted and what they did. There were a few different styles to appear during this time. There were mods, rockers, hippies, and the normal people. Basically, the clothing styles dictated what sort of lifestyle you lived in and around. The effect of drugs during this time really brought about a drastic change in clothing. Go-Go boots, patent leather mini skirts, tie-dye shirts, really long hair or really short hair depending on which lifestyle you chose, and an array of vivid and flashy colors.




Go Go boots
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Information by Toni Crocilla.

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