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Women's Fashions


Women's Fashions 1980-Current

1980's Fashion
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Women's fashion from the 1980s to the present tendend to turn towards numerous changes that took place. These changes led to a change in lifestyle. Also, they had a profound effect on the way women presented themselves. The eighties were a decade of excess. Everything was bigger. This included big hair, big parachute pants, and shoulder pads. The ninties were a time in our nation to grow and become more independent. Independence meant to go out on a limb, and change your style of fashion even more. Women wanted to transform the way society represented them. This included the ideal of the extremely skinny, tall, Caucasian woman. Top designers combined punk and hippie to form the grunge look. Clothes were homemade, or even second hand, and very colorful. 21st cnetury styles were the most non conforming of them all. Designers conmbined contrasting colors to create beautiful styles worn by celebrities of all cultures. This led to better representation of women. It included all body types and skin colors.



Gives the history of fashion in the eighties. Also shows music icons with their famous eighties looks.

Includes pictures of eighties styles and influences of fashion on women such as Madonna and Princess Diana.


highly profiled designer, Donna Karan, models the hottest looks in the 90s

Shows pictures and photographs of fashion from the 1920-1990


Ready to wear clothes for spring 2000, includes top 40 looks from top designers.

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Jean Jackets
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