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Westward Expansion Essay

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The westward expansion time period was full of disease, migration, challenges, and oppurtunities. The president who had the most impact on it's taking off was President Thomas Jefferson. He was the person responsible for the first large land purchase that was made in the United States. This purchase was bought from France in order to prevent Spain from buying it first. This land included the area in which the states of Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana became. This purchase goes down in history as the Louisiana Purchase, seeing as how the territory was called the Louisiana Territory at the time.

With the purchase of lands west of the Mississippi this opened up the land that was farther west of the new territoy to be called the west. Fortunately there was gold in California that made people flock to the state to try and win their luck. Also, people began to travel the Oregon Trail, which, unfortunately, caused many deaths from Indian encounters and disease. People were tossing around the term of having a manifest destiny placed in their hands by God to move west and exand America. After this term was coined and spread amongst travelers, the population of the entire west of covered with Americans.

After many revolts and war with Indians and Mexico, new territories were claimed and eventually built the entire foundation for the United States land occupancy. With the development of technology and railroads, people were able to travel much easier and with less disease occuring. This led many to move west and use the fresh land to start all over.

Published by Toni Crocilla