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Railroad Sleeping Car
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The railroad sleeping car was invented in 1865 by George Pullman in Illinois. It helped make train ride to and from locations much more convenient and luxurious.

Railroad Refridgerator Car
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The Railroad Refrigderator Car was invented in 1868 by Parker Earle in Illinois to carry fresh fruit to other locations.

Gas-Powered Car
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The Gas-Powered automobile was invented in 1893 by Charles Edgar and Frank Duryea in the U.S. This was useful in moving faster and causing an interal combustion to power the car.

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The Airplane was invented by the Wright brothers, Wilbur and Orville Wright in Ohio to start faster travel.

Ford Model T
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The Ford Model T was developed and mass produced in an assembly line in 1908 in Michigan. It was used for faster travel and a more modern look and approach to cars. It was also considered a luxury invention.

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